Nighthawks Sponsorship


We are searching for sponsors!


At present Norwich Nighthawks is entirely self-sustaining with any profits going back into the club. That said, running a club and providing sporting opportunities for the community does not come cheap. Expenditure ranges from booking sessions and purchasing equipment all the way through to advertising. As such, we are looking for the help of businesses to take our club that step further and build on the solid foundation we’ve established.

In return for your help we are willing to offer anything from suitable endorsements (currently reaching up to 18,000 people per post) through to a spot on our official kit and support at company events.

If this sounds like something either you or a business you know may be interested in, please find more details of what we can offer each other below. If you would like to get in touch to discuss this opportunity, please find our various contact links at the bottom of the page or through the ‘contact us’ section.

Why you should sponsor us

Audience: Dodgeball is not only the second most popular sport in the UK among schools, it is also the fastest growing within the community. Sponsorship of the Nighthawks will help you reach these previously untapped audiences.

Exposure: Tournaments and fixtures are the perfect opportunity to gain media coverage. Most recently such coverage has spanned British events like the Home Nations tournament and international events including the British Open (with teams from as far a field as France, Austria and the USA).

Alongside this, the sport has also recently seen coverage from the BBC on both BBC News and The One Show. Sponsoring us could eventually help you tap into coverage like this.

Investing in Talent: Many of our players are already of a national and international standard. With your help we will soon be gaining places in our international teams and you will be the ones investing in the sporting talent of tomorrow.

Supporting Communities: Norwich Nighthawks are dedicated to promoting health, fitness and wellbeing. We also highly prize giving back to the community by hosting events in support of charity.  As a sponsor you will not only be aligning yourself with such a positive ethos but also be helping to support charities around the country.

What Your Sponsorship Provides Us

Club Costs: The funds to help us cover our expenses from hiring training space, through to subsidising travel to competitions and fixtures.

Equipment: Either the funds or facility to restore any used equipment and invest in new, long-lasting club equipment when the need arises.

Kit: The funds to support subsidisation of club kit and apparel including, but not limited to, training balls and jerseys.

Publicity: The funds to help us grasp more advertising and outreach opportunities and continue growing the club whilst also giving back to communities.  



What we can provide you

Gold Offer £750+

  • Logo on the chest of the club kit for the next season (See image above)

  • Own personal sponsorship page on ‘The Nest’

  • Social media coverage on all of our websites and media

  • Sharing and endorsement of business posts

  • Overview on our partnership page

  • Support at company events

  • Space on banners

Bronze Offer £100-£400

  • Logo on the Norwich Nighthawks custom balls

  • Social media coverage on all of our websites and media

  • Sharing and endorsement of business posts

  • Overview on our partnership page

Silver Offer £400-750

  • Logo on the arm of the club kit for next season (See image above)

  • Social media coverage on all of our websites and media

  • Sharing and endorsement of business posts

  • Overview on our partnership page

Partnership offer £50-100 or services provided

  • Social Media Coverage on all of our websites and media

  • Overview on our partnership page

We are GRATEFUL for any consideration

To discuss one of the offers or to make your own offer, either financial or with a service, please do not hesitate to contact one of the team with the social media links or contact us section.