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The Norwich Nighthawks Nest is home to players of all standards, from ex-international, current players playing in the men's and women's British Dodgeball leagues from league 2 all the way up to Super League, to those competing with UEA Dodgeball Club. Even if you're not a university student, high level athlete, or experienced player, anyone is welcome at the Nighthawks, whether that be competitively or socially.

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Yes! Whilst British Dodgeball leagues are divided into Mens, Women's and mixed leagues, there are a variety of tournaments we are going to be entered in which are open to all genders. Not only that, training sessions with us are mainly run as a whole team and we have a fairly balanced male and female ratio within the club, of which a lot of sports do not have!

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Not too much!

A dodgeball is a rubber ball covered in cloth so generally will not hurt upon contact, however catching with incorrect technique, a fast enough throw or a hit to more delicate areas may sting for a couple of seconds. We have some of the highest quality coaching in order to minimalise this, for our team of course!

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Whilst there is a lower age limit of 16 years old without parental supervision, anyone can come along to Nighthawks! Bring a fun and give it a go attitude with the willingness to not take yourself overly seriously!

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No. Any references to the film during sessions will result in immediate consequences*

*Disclaimer, consequences may or may not involve wrenches*

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Norwich Nighthawks currently train every Thursday at the Sportspark UEA. The time differs each week between 6:20 to 7:40 and 7:00 to 8:20 dependant on which slot we are in. In order to find out when training is on the week, make sure you join our Facebook members page

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Each session with us only costs £3 to attend, this is to cover the usage of the hall and is comparable to most sports clubs within the UK. Any excess from sessions go towards funding socials, charity and tournaments!