Norwich Nighthawks use the British Dodgeball national league rules in both training and tournament scenarios. From the basics to the more advanced rules, our coaches and referees are experienced in both in order to pass on their knowledge. For the full run down of the rules, click the British Dodgeball logo to the right.

British Dodgeball


The Opening Rush

At the start of the game, both teams can run for the central ball and the two balls to the left of it. If any part of the player running for the central ball goes over the centre line, they are out.



Hitting a player with a live dodgeball (without it contacting floors or walls) means they’re out and must wait in the outbox to come back in. A ball is live until it hits these, meaning one throw can hit multiple people!



Making a catch brings back the first player on your team who went out first and also puts the person who threw the ball out



A thrown ball can be blocked with another ball, preventing you from being out. However, if this ball comes into contact with you or another player, they are out. A blocked ball can also be subsequently caught!


The Dodgeball Game

A dodgeball game lasts for 3 minutes. In British Dodgeball fixtures, you fit as many games as you can into a 30 minute match consisting of two 15 minute halves.


Invalid Attempts

Every throw which crosses the central line must reach at least within one metre of an opposing member to be rendered valid, invalid attempts place the player who threw it out. Jumping or dodging can extend this metre from the original point to the final landing!


Play Ball!

The team with the majority of balls will be called to play ball after 5 seconds of inactivity, which signifies they have 5 seconds to throw all but one of the balls in their possession.


It’s a match!

A game ends when all the players on one team are rendered out or the clock runs out, in which case the team with the most players left on court wins.